About refining

About refining

Trustworthy, fair and transparent – the partner you can count on for precious metals refining

SAFINA´s refining facilities deliver the highest purity precious metals recovered from a wide range of feed materials. The main objective of the Refining is to offer our customers a professional, tailor-made service (the characteristics of the material determine the choice of treatment after homogenization) with state of the art evaluation methods, equipments, professional attitude and maximum transparency.

Why to refine?
  • Refining process enables to turn waste into reusable raw materials and costs into wealth.
  • Refining helps you valorize your residues effectively (Precious metals, are valuable company assets).
  • Refining has not only monetary return (enables valuable deposits of PM to be retrieved) but has also impact on environmental performance.
About refining

Green policy

SAFINA´s environmental management system (attested by certificate ISO 14001) identifies the potential environmental hazards which may be associated with the company's activities and can have impact on the environment.

SAFINA maintains a continuous, systematical and consistent improvement of processes and our environmental performance in our facility with a view to the continuous improvement of processing cycles.


All our refining facilities comply not only with Czech environmental requirements but also with the European waste legislation.

Environmental respect, responsible, proactive and transparent enviromental management are strategic objectives for SAFINA